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Looking Back to Record Winning Wager (01/03/13)

Posted Thursday January 4, 2013

                                                   By Mike Paradise


                                         Looking Back


                                Record Illinois Bet Ticket

  While the recent $70,109 winning Pick 5 payoff was a record for Balmoral Park it was far from the highest payout in Illinois Standardbred history. In fact it’s 10 times less than what occurred back in 1985 at Sportsman’s Park.

  On Wednesday night, July 24 of that year a Super Bet pool of $1,469,789 was shared by two winning tickets. Each collected a whopping $734,894!

  A CTA bus driver, Curtis Banks, receieved his share of the bonanza payout by using a $64 wheel. A four-partner betting group team got the other portion of the gigantic pot.

  Shown above is the infamous Super Bet winning ticket that wasn’t. Just two nights earlier later on a Monday night at Sportsman’s Park a patron boxed four horses in each of the Super Bowl races, but then he had the above ticket canceled when he realized it cost $3,456.

  Had he kept it, he would have collected $1,094,109, which would have made him the first seven-figure payoff winner in pari-mutuel history.

  Instead two nights later it was hit by Curtis and a foursome of very happy players. The following week Mr. Banks bought everyone in attendance that night at Sportsman’s Park a drink to celebrate his good fortune.

  I doubt Mr. Banks did much bus driving the rest of that summer.

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(Mike Paradise writes an additional weekly column—Trot Topics—in Saturday's The Daily Journal. The Kankakee, IL based newspaper has expanded its coverage of racing at Balmoral Park and welcomes comments and questions on Illinois harness racing.


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