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Wilfong's Rate High in Horse's Names (04/07/13)

Posted Sunday April 7, 2013

                                         By Mike Paradise 

  Don’t you just love a good name for a racehorse? I do.

  I’ve always felt that good horses deserve good names and if that’s the case, then the Wilfong family of Donovan, Illinois most have a lot of very good horses because they continually come up with great horse’s names taken from catchy phrases.

  Horses with names like “Driving Me Wild,” “Love Those Eyes” “Sentimentaljourney,” You Make Me Smile, Morebangforthebuck just to mention a few.

 The Wilfong’s breed, raise and race their own horses and coming up horses names is something shared by the entire family.

  “Everyone in the family contributes,” said driver Kyle Wilfong, a third-generation  orseman. “My girlfriend Nicole and I come up with names for our horses all the time. We might hear something on the radio or on TV that we like and we write that phrase down as a possible future name of one of our horses.”

  But how does the family decide what phase goes on what new foal? Is it just random?

  “No,” the 21-year-old Wilfong replied. “Actually there is a method to our madness.

  “We take the first letter in the broodmare first name. For example Drive ‘Em Cowboy’s mom is Dizzy Blonde. So every foal by her will have a phase that starts with a “D.”

  “When we name our new foals we look at all the phases we’ve written down, see which ones match the first letter of his or her dam and go from there.”

  The Wilfong’s broodmare Crime Scene has given the Donovan family the pacers Case Solved, Classified Info, Crime Doesn’t Pay, Crankin’ It Up and CS Eye, among others.

  Besides Drive ‘Em Cowboy, the mare Dizzy Blonde descendants include the racehorses Deliver The Goods, Dancingwithwolves, Don’tmakemelaugh, Dishin’ It Out and Don’tyoujustloveit.

  Offspring’s of the broodmare You Make Me Smile include You Make Me Happy, You’re On A Roll and Youmakemewannadance.  Daughters of the mare Look At Those Eyes are Lookin’ For Fun, Lookthruthetunnel and Look At That Chick.

  Then there’s Tanta Hanover’s son Two Part Harmony, Rapid Recall’s son Repeat Your ABC’s and Fantasy Ride’s daughters Fromheretoeternity, Fantastic Journey and Full Steam Ahead.

  A Wilfong youngster to keep your eye on is their 3-year-old filly Feel Like Dancin, a daughter of Fox Valley Funny. The sophomore pacer won Balmoral Park’s Newcomer Series Final back in mid-January with Kyle and hasn’t raced since.

  “Feel Like Dancin qualified really well (1:56.1) last Wednesday and will be starting soon,” said Kyle. “She's eligible for all the major ICF stakes.”

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