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Driver Milestones Can Be Exasperating (06/26/13)

Posted Tuesday June 26, 2013                                                

                                                   By Mike Paradise

 Through the years it seems when local drivers approach milestones more times than not they go into a slump before they attain their goal.

 That was certainly the case for John Roberts before he brought home seven winning horses on last Friday’s and Saturday’s programs to go over the 1,000 plateau in career victories.

  "Last week Casey (Leonard) asked me how far away I was from 1,000 and I told him I didn’t know,” said Roberts. “The one-time I went to a web-site to see how close I was to 1,000 was when I saw I needed 11 more winners and after that I went 0-for-52 at Maywood and had three winners for the entire a month.

  “After that terrible stretch, I told Casey I won’t look any more to see how close I am.

   “Dean (Magee) told me he went through a horrible time reaching his 4,000th. Dean said it must have taken him at least three months to get 20 winners.”

   In his first 12 years of driving Roberts had 486 winners. In the last two and one-half years he’s had 516 more.

  That’s quite a turnabout for the 32-year-old native of Aurora, Illinois who now resides with his wife and their three daughters in Grant Park.

  There were days when winning 1,000 races was only a dream for Roberts.

  “There was a time I didn’t think I would get back in a bike again, let only get 1,000 wins,” said John. “That was when I broke my back about 10 years ago.”

  Roberts was seriously injured when he was thrown to the racetrack and then trampled by horses in an accident at Maywood Park in 2003. He underwent numerous operations that included doctors placing pins into his spine and fusing several of his broken vertebrae together.

  “And then there was my trials and tribulations overcoming my substance abuse problems,” continued Roberts.

  “I have to thank my wife for being sober. Her and my daughters have made a big difference in turning my life around. I’ve been blessed to have that kind type of support from my family and friends.

  “I also want to thank all the trainers that have stuck with me through the good times and the bad. But if I’m fortunate enough to someday close in on 2,000 winners you can bet I won’t be checking any web-sites to see how close I’m getting,” he added with a laugh.

  I told John to tell his fellow-driver Casey that he could be next to feel the pressure of an approaching milestone.

  Casey is at 968 career winners going into Wednesday’s Balmoral card, 32 away from 1,000.

  Let the countdown begin.

  Like Old Times: Hall of Famer Dave Magee posted five winning drives on last Sunday’s card and they came in just six opportunities on consecutive drives.

  After Trot Fudge Sundae made a break in the race two Betzotic stake, the 59-year-old Magee scored with Dragon’s Sport ($5.80) in the third, Rose Run Oneill ($25.60) in the fourth, Explosive Muscles ($5.40) in the sixth, T E’s Zenyatta ($32.40 in the seventh and Kendall Marie ($27.40).

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  Family and friends joined John Roberts in the winner's circle after his 1,000th career winner with B Keeper  last weekend at Balmoral Park.

                                                                                                         R.E.B. Photo

 County Fair Report



 Monday Afternoon June 24 Results

FIRST: Big 10 Three-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,843:

Horse (Driver)                                   Time (Track Good)

Elegant Rosie (Dennis Garner)                2:09

Trainer: Dennis Garner.  Owner: George Knackmuhs.

SECOND: Big 10 Three-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,811:

Powerful Valor (Jared Finn)                      2:08.1

Trainer: Jared Finn. Owner: Hinshaw Homestead Farms.

THIRD: Filly and Mare Open Pace, Purse $700:

Yankee Road (Dakota Birch)                     2:05.2

Trainer Dakota Birch. Owner: Dakota Birch.

FOURTH: I.H.H.A. 4-year-Old & Up Mare Trot Division, Purse $1,200:

Skyline Happy (J D Finn)                           2:08

Trainer: J D Finn. Owners: J D Finn and Brett Finn.

FIFTH: I.H.H.A. 4-year-Old & Up Horse & Gelding Division, Purse $1,200:

Hong Kong Kwyne (Dennis Garner)        2:08.1

Trainer: Dennis Garner. Owner: George KInackmuhs.

SIXTH: Maiden Pace, Purse $700:

Fore (C. Alan Finn)                                     2:09.1

Trainer: C. Alan Finn. Owner: Mike McCrillis.


 Late Monday Afternoon June 24 Results

FIRST: Big 10 Three-Year-Old Filly Pace, 1st Division, Purse $2,099:

Horse (Driver)                                   Time (Track Good)

Romantic Legacy (Antonio Love)                         2:05

Trainer:  Antonio Love. Owner: Fabian West.

SECOND: Big 10 Three-Year-Old Filly Pace, 2nd Division, Purse $2,099:

Party Princess (Kelcey Perymond)                       2:04.1

Trainer: Kelsey Perymond. Owner: Kelsey Perymond.

THIRD: Big 10 Three-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,677:

Mr. Three Quarters (Antonio Love)                       2:05.3

Trainer: Antonio Love. Owner: Terry Wilson.

FOURTH: Two-Year-Old Maiden Trot, Purse $525:

Battleshoe King (Buddy Simpson)                                   2:14.2

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owner: Buddy and Clay Simpson.

FIFTH: Two-Year-Old Maiden Trot, Purse $525:

Huntingforpennies (Tom T Tetrick)                       2:14.2

Trainer: Tom D Tetrick. Owners: Tom T, Mary and Tom D Tetrick.

SIXTH: Winner’s Over $1,000 Lifetime, Pace, Purse $1,000:

Madoff (J D Finn)                                                     1:59.4

Trainer: Randall Finn. Owners Rex Sigler and Shirley Finn.:

SEVENTH: Non-Winners of $$500 Lifetime, Trot, Purse $700:

Elmar (E. Leroy Moore)                                           2:09.3

Trainer: E. Leroy Moore. Owner: E. Leroy Moore.



 Monday Afternoon June 24 Results

FIRST: MWIRA, 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Purse $3,644:

Horse (Driver)                                               Time (Track Good)

Fox Valley Shiver (Jamaica Patton)                     2:04.1

Trainer: Freddie Patton Sr. Owner: Willie Scott.

SECOND: MWIRA, 2-Year-Old Colt Pace, 1st Division, Purse $2,234:

Sheriff Joe (Freddie Patton Jr.)                             2:06.1

Trainer: Freddie Patton Jr. Owner: Fair Meadow Farm.

THIRD: MWIRA, 2-Year-Old Colt Pace, 1st Division, Purse $2,234:

Splended Party (Derrick Flowers)                         2:03.4

Trainer: Derrick Flowers. Owner: Derrick Flowers.

FOURTH: MWIRA, 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,843:

Sherry’s Band (Freddie Patton Jr.)                       2:07.4

Trainer: Freddie Patton Jr. Owner: Freddie Patton Sr,

FIFTH: MWIRA, 3-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,811:

Riet’s Kid (Paul Cavett)                                          2:07.4

Trainer: Gene Williams. Owner: Frank Marsaglia, Joseph Marsaglia and Gene Williams.

SIXTH: Open Trot, 2 and 3-Year-Olds, Purse $600:

Bully Bust Boy (Shawn Butler)                             2:23.4

Trainer: Rushun Trigg. Owner: Roshun Trigg.

SEVENTH: Free For All Pace, Purse $600:

Spill The Berans (Dillon Cox)                                2:02.3

Trainer: Mike Cox. Owner: Mike Cox.


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