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Hanover Night A Favorite (07/12/13)

Posted Friday July 12, 2013

                                                By Mike Paradise

  Saturday’s Hanover Night at Balmoral Park doesn’t get all the hoopla of Super Night, American National Night or even the track’s upcoming Southland Festival of Racing. Nevertheless, it’s always been one of my favorite racing evenings on the Crete big track.

  Hanover Night has also always been very popular with horsemen. It seems that every year divisions are needed because of a surplus of entrants and it’s no different this Saturday when all 2 of the 3 Hanover’s for sophomores were split.

  Both paces went into divisions. The two filly splits are worth $26,300 each while the colt’s go for $30,000 apiece.

  A single $35,000 Hanover for second season filly trotters will go as the second race and coming in to challenge local hopes, Little Ms Chrissy, Just for Fun and Trot Fudge Sundae are True Day Dream, Delmot, Lady Laker and the Virgil Morgan trained entry of Choose Happy and UF’s Tady’s Donato.

  True Day Dream (programmed at 5-2, Mark O’Mara) made over $90,000 as a freshman and he’s been first or second in a trio of significant stakes out east, the Simpson, Historic and Reynolds.

  Michigan’s Al Tomlinson filly Lady Laker (9-2, Mike Oosting) went 4-for-4 as a freshman while capturing Mohawk’s $50,000 In Free Final, and she comes off a 1:54.3 win in Canada.

  Tomlinson had nowhere to race his filly when she was ready for her season debut in early June so he put her in against older horses at Hazel Park. She went off stride early in her June 14 race but Tomlinson wasn’t concerned about it.

  “For some reason the driver decided to pull her earplugs going out of that race, so she broke. She’s a very nice filly who loves her work. Her attitude is one of her biggest assets. She wants to compete,” said Tomlinson,

  Maywood Filly Pace champion Auniqueaquisition (Mike Oosting) will open as the 3-1 favorite in the fourth race first filly pace split while other local hopes State Street Liz (9-2), Mystical Danica (3-1) and Feel Like Dancing (4-1) are the early fifth race favorites.

  Blatantly Best (3-1, Casey Leonard) and Latest Desire (4-1, Dave Magee) are the early programmed choices in the sixth race first split for colts and geldings.

   The seventh race second Hanover division looks a little stronger strong with last year’s American National champion Our Dragon King (5-2, Brian Carpenter) back in town along with a couple of other invaders, Real Shocker (6-1, Dale Hiteman), a $75,000 yearling purchase, and Eddie Sweat (5-1, Todd Warren), only a $10,000 yearling buy but with a 1:50.3 mile to his credit at The Meadows last month.

  You might remember the dam of Eddie Sweat. She’s Popcorn Penny.

  Somehow 13 years have flown past since she won the $783,484 Breeders Crown Final with Ryan Anderson when he was only 20 years old, making Ryan the youngster driver ever to win a Crown.

  Popcorn Penny was owned by John Leahy, the Joe Anderson Racing Stable and Jayne Cummings before she was sold to Hanover Show Farms in Pennsylvania.

  Also in the second Hanover split are Prairie State pacers Fancy Creek Elusiv (7-2, Dave Magee) and Mystical Walter (3-1, Casey Leonard), the one-two finishers in last month’s Maywood Pace Final.

  Double O On A Roll: Mike Oosting brought home the winning horse on half of Maywood’s 12-race card Thursday night when he had six winning drives.


 County Fair Report


 Wednesday Afternoon July 10 Results

FIRST: NICA 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, 1st Div, Purse $1,912:

Horse (Driver)                                                           Time (Track Good)

Fox Valley Corinne (Ronnie Gillespie)                2:06

Trainer: Roshun Trigg. Owner:

SECOND: NICA 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, 2nd Div, Purse $1,912:

M A Duty (Ronnie Gillespie)                                  2:06

Trainer: Ronnie Gillespie. Owners: Ron Phillips, John Carver and Jesse Ferge.

THIRD: NICA 2-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,548:

I Seventy (Nick Prather)                                          2:10

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owner: Carol Hendricks.

FOURTH: NICA 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,447:

T C’s Connection (Nick Prather)                           2:16

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owner: D. Bartlow.

FIFTH: NICA 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,257:

Bully Bust Boy (Steve Halford II)                           2:22.2

Trainer: Roshun Trigg. Owner: Roshun Trigg.

SIXTH: Non-Winners of $5,000 Pace, purse $1,000:

Lizzy Turner (Tom Simmons)                                 2:09

Trainer: Tom Simmons. Owners: Luke Gaule and Carol Rieken.

SEVENTH: ICF 4-Year-Olds & Up Trot, Purse $6,600:

Ants Iner Pants (Steve Searle)                              2:05.1

Trainer: Steve Searle. Owners: Steve Searle and Tom Wisnieski.

    Thursday Afternoon July 11 Results

FIRST: NICA 3-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,491:

Horse (Driver)                                               Time (Track Good)

Mack’s Gold Band (Dirk Simpson)                        2:09.2            

Trainer: Dirk Simpson. Owners: Flacco Family Farms and Dr. Patrick Graham

SECOND: NICA 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,323:

Foxy Polar (Ronnie Gillespie)                               2:08

Trainer: Roshun Trigg. Owner: Daphne Nogan.

THIRD: NICA 3-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,357:

Checkout My Body (John De Long)         2:06.2

Trainer: Jesse De Long Owners: Jesse, John and Austin De Long.

FOURTH: NICA 3-Year-Old Filly Pace, Purse $3,480:

Rockin Reba (John De Long)                   2:04

Trainer: Jesse De Long. Owners: Jesse, John and Austin De Long.

FIFTH: Free For All Pace, Purse $1,000:

Nonsuit (Ronnie Gillespie)                                    2:02.1

Trainer: Roshun Trigg. Owner: Marvin Wash.



    Thursday Morning July 11 Results

FIRST: Topline 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $2,500:

Horse (Driver)                                               Time (Track Good)

Fancy Feet Ferge (Paul Cavett)                            2:13.2

Trainer: Paul Cavett. Owners: Ron and Deloris Phillips, John Carver and Jesse Ferge.

SECOND: Topline 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, 1st Div, Purse $1,500:

Straight Red One (Issac Love)                              2:05.1

Trainer: Antonio Love. Owner: Benjamin Williams.

THIRD: Topline 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, 2nd Div, Purse $1,500:

 Cody Shark (Buddy Simpson)                              2:04.1            

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owner: Thomas Cave.

FOURTH: Illini 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, 1st Div, Purse $2,073:

Accokeek Diane (Clay Simpson)                          2:15.1

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owners: Buddy Simpson, Michael Williams, Drew Pearce and Clay Simpson.

FIFTH: Illini 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, 2nd Div, Purse $2,073:

Bands Alexis (Mike Cox)                                        2:12.2

Trainer: Ray Hanna. Owner: Amy Quint.

SIXTH: Illini 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, 1st Div, Purse $1,878:

Come And Tell Pap (Isaac Love)                          2:08.1

Trainer: Antonio Love. Owner: James Collier.

SEVENTH: Illini 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, 2nd Div, Purse $1,878:

Battleshoe King (Buddy Simpson)                                   2:10.1

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owners: Buddy and Clay Simpson.

EIGHTH: Illini 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Purse $3,624:

Fox Valley Shiver (Freddie Patton Jr.)                 2:07.3

Trainer: Freddie Patton Jr. Owner: Willie Scott.

NINTH: Illini 2-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,747:

Tower Power (Freddie Patton Jr.)             2:01.3

Trainer: Freddie Patton Jr. Owner: Marvin Kendrick.


    Thursday Afternoon July 11 Results

FIRST: Great Midwest Trot, Purse $7,635:

Horse (Driver)                                               Time (Track Good)

Fox Valley Camo (Jamaica Patton)                      2:05

Trainer: Nick Giberson. Owners: Amy and Ethan Giberson, Mark and Austin Winship.

SECOND: Great Midwest Pace, Purse $6,543:

Long Term (Mike Rogers)                                       2:05.2

Trainer: Tom Simmons. Owner: Benita Simmons.

THIRD: Two and 3-Year-Old Open Trot, Purse $750:

Powerful Goddess (Mike Cox)                               2:09.2

Trainer: Mike Cox. Owner: Jerry Graham and Mystical Marker Farms.

FOURTH: Two and 3-Year-Old Open Trot, Purse $750:

Telepathic Terror (Paul Cavett)                             2:09

Trainer: Paul Cavett. Owners: Ron and Deloris Phillips and John Carver.

FIFTH: Two and 3-Year-Old Open Pace, Purse $750:

West Liberty (Clay Simpson)                                 2:06.2

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owner: Thomas Cave.

SIXTH: Two and 3-Year-Old Open Pace, Purse $750:

Queen Beatrice (Darla Martin)                              2:07

Trainer: David Lohman. Owners: Fred and David Lohman.

SEVENTH: Two and 3-Year-Old Open Pace, Purse $750:

Dusty Dunes (H. Joe Haught)                               2:05

Trainer: H. Joe Haught. Owner: H. Joe Haught.

EIGHTH: Two and 3-Year-Old Open Pace, Purse $750:

Martz Creek Perry (Terry Skinner)                        2:03

Trainer: Terry Skinner. Owner: Terry Skinner.

NINTH: I.H.H.A. Four & Up, F & M Pace, Purse $1,400:

Tinkers Damn (Mike Knicley)                                2:02.3

Trainer: Mike Knicley. Owner: Randall Denham.

TENTH: I.H.H.A. Four & Up, Colt Pace, Purse $1,400:

Bar B’s Apache Cam (H.Joe Haught)                  2:03

Trainer: H. Joe Haught. Owner: Thomas Throgmorton. 



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