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News and Notes (07/17/13)

Posted Tuesday July 17, 2013                                                

                                                   By Mike Paradise

  Wednesday’s first race at Balmoral Park for ICF 2-year-old trotters of both sexes is a prep event for the upcoming Fox Valley Flan and Plesac freshmen stakes.

  The $10,000 eliminations of each of those freshman stakes will be contested a week from Wednesday, July 24, with the $50,000 (estimated) Finals the following Wednesday (July 31).

  Recent state-bred stakes winners Vienna (Vaporize with Kyle Wilfong) and S V Spirit (Betzotic with Todd Warren) will open as the 3-1 and 7-2 early favorites, respectively.

  Coming up this weekend are eliminations for six more ICF stakes. The Loyal Opposition and Mini Me for 2-year-old filly and colt pacers, respectively, the Ann Vonian and Incredible Finale for 3-year-old pacers, and the Kadabra for sophomore male trotters, will go, if necessary on Saturday.

  Eliminations for the Fox Valley Evita for ICF filly second season trotters, if needed, will be raced Sunday.

  Estimated purses, according to the Balmoral Conditioned Sheet, for the finals are: Mini Me $60,000, Loyal Opposition $60,000, Incredible Finale $57,000, Ann Vonian $58,000, Kadabra $50,000 and $46,000 for the Fox Valley Evita.

 . . . Casey Leonard continues to close-in on the 1,000 plateau for driving victories. The Harvard, Illinois native is at 982 going into Wednesday’s card.

  . . . Mike Oosting followed his six winner night last Thursday at Maywood with four more on Friday evening and another four Saturday at Balmoral.. The veteran Michigan native has 277 dash winners this season after last weekend putting him in the Top 10 nationally.

 . . . . Lady Laker’s victory with Oostingn Saturday’s $35,000 trot was in 1:54 flat, equaling the track record for a 3-year-old trotting filly first set by Armbro Temple in 2000 and then tied 10 years later by Springtime Volo.

. . . King Mufasa’s 1:54.1 winning mile in Sunday’s Brandenburg was only 3/5’s of a second of the Balmoral track record fort a 3-year-old trotting gelding. Both Before he Cheats (2007) and Southern Rocketop (2009) won in 1:53.3.

. . . Oosting is winning at over a 19 per cent clip this season at Balmoral where he’s over 40 dash winners ahead of runner-up Casey Leonard. It’s a lot closer at Maywood. While Mike has an even higher winning percentage of 22.8 Casey is only 12 winners behind, winning over 18 per cent of the time.

 . . . Our County Fair Circuit is in full swing. Racing shifts today (Tuesday) and Wednesday to the DeWitt County Fair at Farmer City and Thursday and Friday at the Menard County Fair at Petersburg.

 County Fair Report


    Sunday Afternoon July 14 Results

FIRST: ECS Two-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,412:

Horse (Driver)                                   Time (Track Fast)

Battleshoe Crown (Buddy Simpson)        2:09

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owners: Buddy and Clay Simpson.

SECOND: ECS Two-Year-Old Filly Trot, 1st Div, Purse $1,951:

Macie Rae (Mike Rogers)                           2:10.4

Trainer: Mike Rogers. Owner: Donald Huddleston.

THIRD: ECS Two-Year-Old Filly Trot, 2nd Div, Purse $1,951:

Pistol Annie (Mike Rogers)                                    2:12.2

Trainer: Mike Rogers. Owners: James and Tracey Walker Stable.

FOURTH: ECS Three-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,312:

Sadies Art (Trace Tetrick)                           2:00.2

Trainer: Tom D. Tetrick. Owners: Mary and Tom D Tetrick.

FIFTH: ECS Three-Year-Old Filly Pace, 1st Div, Purse $1,776:

Crusin’ The Nile (Trace Tetrick)                2:06.4

Trainer: Ray Hanna. Owner: Ray Hanna.

SIXTH: ECS Three-Year-Old Filly Pace, 2nd Div, Purse $1,776:

Cranberry Muffler (J D Finn)                     2:05.1

Trainer: J D Finn. Owner: Catherine Ritzel.

SEVENTH: Free For All Pace, Purse $600:

Bossa Nova Baby (Marcus Turner)          2:00.4

Trainer: Marcus Turner. Owners: Tracy and Crisey Fenton.

EIGHTH: Free For All Pace, Purse $600:

Might Oak Perfect (Marcus Turner)          2:02.3

Trainer: Marcus Turner. Owner: Terry Wilson.

NINTH: Non-Winners $2,000 Trot, Purse $600:

Wild Berry Muffler (J D Finn)                     2:02.4

Trainer: J D Finn. Owner: Catherine Ritzel.

TENTH: Non-Winners $2,000 Trot, Purse $600:

Justiceforkash (Tom T. Tetrick)                  2:13.1

Trainer: Tom D. Tetrick. Owners: Mary Tetrick, CC Racing and Tetrick Racing Stable.


    Monday Evening July 15 Results

FIRST: ECS Two-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,502:

Horse (Driver)                                   Time (Track Fast)

Tower Power (Freddie Patton Jr.)             2:07.3

Trainer: Freddie Patton Jr. Owner: Marvin Kendrick.

SECOND: ECS Two-Year-Old Filly Pace, Purse $3,502:

Cypress Hill Rose (Clay Simpson)           2:09

Trainer: Donald James. Owner: Donald James.

THIRD: ECS Three-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,052:

Accokeek Mercury (Buddy Simpson)       2:02.4

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owners: Clay and Buddy Simpson, Michael Williams and Drue Pearce.

FOURTH: ECS Three-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,012:

High Stepper (J D Finn)                             2:03.4

Trainer: J D Finn. Owners: Mary Jeffers and Adele Everett.

FIFTH: Free For All Trot, Purse $600:

Queens Lonley Earl (Tom T. Tetrick)        2:07.2

Trainer: Tom T. Tetrick. Owners: W R L Stables.

SIXTH: Free For All Trot, Purse $600:

Skyline Happy (J D Finn)                           2:08.2

Trainer: J D Finn. Owners: J D and Brett Finn.

SEVENTH: Maiden Pace, Purse $600:

Codey Shark (Buddy Simpson)                2:04.2

Trainer: Buddy Simpson. Owner: Thomas Cave.

EIGHTH: Maiden Pace, Purse $600:

Allstar Cal (J D Finn)                                   2:08.2

Trainer: Gary Gorrell. Owner: Gary Gorrell.

NINTH: Maiden Pace, Purse $600:

Towne’sbrightlight (Mathew Avenatti)     2:03.1

Trainer: David Avenatti. Owner: David Avenatti


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