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Looking Back to Rum Customer (07/25/13)

Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013


                                                 By Mike Paradise

    Looking Back to Rum Customer               

  In 1968 Rum Customer became the fourth horse ever to capture The Pacing Triple Crown following Adios Butler (1959), Bret Hanover (1965) and Romeo Hanover (1966).

  Driven and trained by Billy Haughton Rum Customer with a little more than a month’s time won the $104,226 Little Brown Jug at Delaware, the $150,000 Cane Futurity at Yonkers and the $189,018 Messenger at old Roosevelt (NY) Raceway.

  The son of Poplar Byrd went on to be named the 1968 Pacer of the Year, finishing behind the trotter Nevele Pride as Horse of the Year.

  Rum Customer came to Sportsman’s Park in 1969 as a 4-year-old and won his $50,544 division of the American National Maturity. Careless Time, driven by Joe Marsh Jr. won the other.

  A record crowd of 21,842 was on track to witness that American National Maturity Pace.

  Rum Customer was retired from racing at the end of that season with earnings of $1,001,548 and a mark of 1:56.1.

  That 1969 Sportsman’s Park meeting was 90 nights long with Bob Farrington running away with the driver’s crown with 69 winners. Farrington was followed by Robert Williams (48), Joe Mark Jr. (45), Jim Dennis (37), and Lou Rapone (27), one ahead of Joe O’Brien (26).

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 County Fair Report


    Tuesday Evening July 23 Results

FIRST: NICA 2-Year-Old Colt Pace, Purse $3,448:

Horse (Driver)                                               Time (Track Good)

Fox Valley Ace (Jay Garrels)                                 2:05

Trainer: William De Long. Owners: William and Pat De Long and Jay Garrels.

SECOND: NICA 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Purse $3,524:

Kiwi Party (Jay Garrels)                                          2:05.3

Trainer: Jesse De Long. Owners: Jesse, John and Austin De Long.

THIRD: NICA 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,257:

Big Bill Breeze (Nick Prather)                                2:10.3

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owners: Derek Jacobus and Nick Prather.

FOURTH: NICA 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,447:

Bands Fanny (Vince Espinosa)                            2:11

Trainer: Vince Espinosa. Owner: Flacco Family Farms.

FIFTH: NICA 3-Year-Old Colt Pace, 1st Div, Purse $1,879:

Checkout My Body (Jay Garrels)                          2:02.1

Trainer: Jesse De Long.  Owners: Jesse, John and Austin De Long.

SIXTH: NICA 3-Year-Old Colt Pace, 2nd Div, Purse $1,879:

Fox Valley Dylan (Dirk Simpson)                          2:05.3

Trainer: Willard Mellinger. Owners: Willard Mellinger, Ryan Spearie and David Barlow.

SEVENTH: NICA 3-Year-Old Filly Pace, Purse $3,280:

Fox Valley Lena (Jay Garrels)                               2:04

Trainer: William De Long. Owners: William and Pat De Long.

EIGHTH: NICA 3-Year-Old Colt Trot, Purse $3,291:

Mack’s Gold Man (Dirk Simpson)                         2:06.4

Trainer: Dirk Simpson. Owners: Flacco Family Farms and Dr. Patrick Graham.

NINTH: NICA 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Purse $3,223:

Divination (Nick Prather)                                        2:07.3

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owner: Derrick Jacobus and Kevin Kline.

TENTH: IHHA Four-Year-Olds & Up Pace, Purse $2,200:

Mr. Massie (Nick Prather)                                       2:05.2

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owner: Richard Barker.

ELEVENTH: Free For All Trot, Purse $1,000:

Itzaziam (Nick Prather)                                            2:07.3

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owner: Nick Prather.



    Wednesday Afternoon July 23 Results

FIRST: Big Ten Three-Year-Old Trot, 1st Div, Purse $3,207:

Horse (Driver)                                               Time (Track Fast)

Powerful Felix (Darla Martin)                                 2:08

Trainer: Darla Martin. Owner: Charles Biggs.

SECOND: Big Ten Three-Year-Old Trot, 2nd Div, Purse $3,207:

Dreaming Of Lori (David Martin)                           2:09.4

Trainer: David Martin. Owner: David Martin.

THIRD: Big Ten Three-Year-Old Pace, 1st Div, Purse $3,268:

Queen Beatrice (Darla Martin)                             

Trainer: David Lohman. Owners: Fred and David Lohman..

FOURTH: Big Ten Three-Year-Old Pace, 2nd Div, Purse $3,268:

B C’s Southern Belle (Michael Johnson)                       2:04.2

Trainer: Michael Johnson. Owners: Mike Davidson and Gary Crumrin.

FIFTH: Free For All Trot, Purse $1,000:

LW Jaynie Flyer (Cassidy Melloy)                                    2:02.1

Trainer: Cassidy Melloy. Owner: Cassidy Melloy.

SIXTH: Free For All Pace, 1st Div, Purse $750:

Boodro (Tom T. Tetrick)                                           2:04.2

Trainer: Tom D. Tetrick. Owner: Tom T. Tetrick.

SEVENTH: Free For All Pace, 2nd Div, Purse $750:

Mach Made Her (David Avenatti Jr.)                                 2:01.1

Trainer: Lisa Avenatti. Owners: Lisa and David Avenatti Jr.



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