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Catching Up with Mr. Super Night (09/07/13)

Posted Saturday September 7, 2013

                                                     By Mike Paradise

  With an even dozen Super Night elimination races on Saturday’s card I thought it was a good time to touch base with an old friend who is far and away the man with more championship drives than anyone else on the state’s gala evening of racing and that is, of course, Dave Magee.

  Dave was winning major ICF stakes several years before Super Night was inaugurated at old Sportsman’s Park in 1989 and he’s been behind an astounding 28 Super Night championship horses since.

  If Super Night began in 1982 instead of 1989 and the Su Mac Lad and Lady Ann Reed stakes were Super Night events in the 1980s instead of just this century, Dave would have an additional 15 more Super Night titles.

  Magee won the 1982 Orange and Blue with his filly Mi T Model, the pre-Super Night Langley three times, the 1985 Grandma Ann, and four Su Mac Lads and five Lady Ann Reeds before they became Super Night fixtures.

 (Magee winning 1994 Ann Vonian with Ideal Angel at Sportsman's).

At the age of 59 and with over 11,680 career winners, does the National Hall of Fame driver still get energized at this time of the year?

   “For sure,” he answered. “I still get excited when Super Night rolls around. There are high expectations for trainers and their owners and of course you don’t what to disappointment them, especially when they have a good shot in a championship.

  “Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of opportunities in our state to go for a lot of money and for some people this might be their one and only chance to win a major race so you certainly want to do well for them.:

   I’ve never seen the Green Bay native even a little ruffled before any major stake race, so not surprising he wasn’t feeling any pressure on any of his upcoming Super Night elimination drives.

  “By now you kind of know where everybody sits in a division except maybe some two-year-olds who will be coming in from the fairs for the race,” said Dave. “I always felt in these eliminations that the chips will fall where they may.”

  Through the years the chips have fallen more often than not on Dave’s side of the table.

  Here’s a rundown of Dave’s Super Night winning drives. Hopefully they’ll bring back some fond memories for you as they did for me:

  Orange and Blue Colt—Gene’s Prize (1994), Mini Me (2001), Froggy Turner (2007), Enzo The Baker (2008), Fancy Creek Elusiv (2012).

  Orange and Blue Filly--Panic Attack (1991), Broadway Commodity (1993), Fox Valley Jetta (1994), Diamond Sweetie (1995), Fox Valley Memory (1996), Sounds Of Silence (2004).

  Pete Langley Memorial—Without Reproach (1994), No Hassel (2002) and Iam Bonasera (2010).

  Grandma Ann— R.J. Society (1990), Fox Valley Memory (1997), Determination Plus (2001), Undeniably Yours (2004), Towne’s Party Girl (2008).

  Tony Maurello (Dan Patch)—Eight Twenty Three (1989), Sjoken In The Hole (1997), Masterofhisdomain (2001).

  Lorna Propes (Ann Vonian)—Ideal Angel (1994), Rain Dance Kim (2000) and Incredible Tillie (2001).

  Su Mac Lad— Customize (2004).

  Lady Ann Reed—Smoky Bear (2002), Victor’s Pursuit (2005.

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