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Circuit Pauses for Springfield Meet (08/05/14)

Posted Tuesday August 5, 2014                                                

                                                   By Mike Paradise

  While the Chicago circuit takes a two-week hiatus the state’s Standardbred pari-mutuel wagering shifts over to the Springfield State Fair where racing begins on Friday at 12 noon, the same first post for all five days of racing.

  A double-draw takes place today (Tuesday) in the Maywood Park Race Office for the Friday and Saturday cards. Eliminations, if necessary, for the 2-year-old Illinois State Fair Colts stakes will go on Friday while the elims for 3-year-old pacers and trotters, if needed, will be contested on Saturday.

  There is no racing on Sunday.

  The Springfield State Fair action picks up on Monday with a quartet of Review stakes for open company freshman of both gaits. Tuesday’s four Review stakes are for 3-year-old trotters and pacers of both sexes. There is a $300 starting free for all Review stakes.

  After a dark Wednesday of racing, the Springfield meeting winds up on Thursday, August 14 with all eight Illinois State Fair Colt Stake Championships. Those projected purses were not listed on the current conditioned sheet but were estimated at $40,000 on the Illinois Department of Agriculture web-site.

  Live racing returns to Maywood Park on Friday, August 15 and at Balmoral on Saturday, August 16 with a pair of $40,000 stakes for ICF pacers ages three and up—the Big Tom for colts and geldings and the Parklane Powerful for fillies and mares.

  I’ll post my complete graded line, with odds and comments, for Springfield in the same format as my Balmoral’s and Maywood’s lines on every live racing day here on our IHHA web-site, along with stories.

  Al Hammers Them: In case you missed it, Al’s Hammered demolished five other ICF foes in Sunday’s $21,500 Taser Gun stake at Mt. Sterling. The winning margin with Bobby Smolin at the lines of the Bob Phillips star was a widening 13 lengths in a quick 1:54 on the half-mile fair track.

  In 2002 Taser Gun sped around the Mt. Sterling Fair Track just a nick faster in a track record time of 1:53.4.

  While Al’s Hammered outcome wasn’t a surprise, however his $5.20 winning price certainly was a shocker. I was expecting $2.10 or maybe $2.20 but even with only four betting interests the top ICF pacer in the state wasn’t the betting favorite.

  Last year’s Taser Gun champ Big Daddy Woo Woo went off at 4-5 but ended up third best (Silver Devil was second), beaten 17 lengths.

  Al’s Hammered is expected to be entered for Saturday’s $10,000 Springfield State Fair stake for older ICF male pacers and then head back to his Balmoral Park base for the Big Tom stake a week later.

 County Fair Report


   Sunday Afrernoon-2 pm

FIRST: $1,000 2 and 3-Year-Old Open Pace:

Horse (Driver)                                     Time (Track Fast)

Fox Valley Charm (Sam Widger)       2:02.1

Trainer: Dirk Simpson. Owner: Peter Karras.

SECOND: $3,169 MWIRA 2-Year-Old Trot:

Jazzy Mermaid (Nick Prather)            2:03

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owner: Megan Rogers Racing Stable.

THIRD: $3,169 MWIRA 2-Year-Old Trot:

Trick Nick (Nick Prather)                   2:05.2

Trainer: Owners: Megan Rogers Racing Stable, Derek and Amy Jacobus.

FOURTH: $3,288 MWIRA 3-Year-Old Pace:

Fox Valley Twist (Sam Widger)         2:00

Trainer: Hart Walker. Owners: Robyn Klinger, Hart, Homer and Robert Walker.

FIFTH: $3,288 MWIRA 3-Year-Old Pace:

Overloaded (Tom Simmons)               2:03.2

Trainer: Tom Simmons. Owners: Bart Seales, Amy Schneider and Benita Simmons.

SIXTH: $1,000 Open Pace:

Masterchargeit (Nick Prather)             1:58.4

Trainer: Nick Prather. Owners: Cole and Connor Prather.

SEVENTH: $6,500 ICF 4-Year-Olds & Up Trot:

Fall Creek Bandit (Sam Widger)        2:03

Trainer: Don Brown. Owners: Don and Vicky Brown.

EIGHTH: $21,500 ICF 4-Year-Olds & Up, Pace:

Al’s Hammered (Bobby Smolin)        1:54

Trainer: Bob Phillips. Owner: Bob Phillips.

NINTH: $1,000 Maiden Pace:

Fox Valley Rebel (Matthew Avenatti)  2:02.1

Trainer: David Avenatti.  Owners: David and Matthew Avenatti.



  Sunday Afternoon-1 pm

FIRST: $3,189 Big Ten 3-Year-Old Trot:

Horse (Driver)                                     Time (Track Fast)

Macie Rae (Mike Rogers)                   2:00.3

Trainer: Mike Rogers. Owner: Donald Huddleston.

SECOND: $3,169 Big Ten 3-Year-Old Trot:

Bessiebearcat (Eric Collier)                 2:05.4

Trainer: Delbert Burkett. Owners: Eric Collier and Delbert Burkett.

THIRD: $3,645 Big Ten 2-Year-Old Filly Pace:

Cash You (Freddie Patton Jr.)                        2:05

Trainer: Freddie Patton Jr. Owner: Freddie Patton Sr.

FOURTH: $3,524 Big Ten 2-Year-Old Colt Pace:

Perch’s Dream (Wm. Larry Binkley)  2L03

Trainer: Ray Hanna. Owners: Ray Hanna and Richard Courson.

FIFTH: $3,600 ICF 4-Year-Olds and Up Trot:

High Stepper (C. Allan Finn)              2:03.3

Trainer: Ray Hanna. Owners: Mary Jeffers and Adele Everett.

SIXTH: $3,500 ICF 4-Year-Olds and Up Trot:

Powerful Speed (Tom Graham Jr.)     2:03.3

Trainer: Tom Graham Jr. Owner: Tom Graham Jr.

SEVENTH: 41,340 Free For All Pace:

Just Us (C. Alan Finn)                        2:01.4

Trainer: C. Alan Finn .Owner: C. Alan Finn.


  Monday Afternoon-1 pm

FIRST: $3,342 Big Ten 2-Year-Old Filly Trot:

Horse (Driver)                                     Time (Track Fast)

Bigolwezeweddwess (Dennis Gardner)         2:10.2

Trainer: Dennis Gardner. Owner: Kelli Smith.

SECOND: $3,069 Big Ten 2-Year-Old Colt Trot:

Captain Greedy (J D Finn)                             2:03.3

Trainer: J D Finn. Owners: Charles Doehring and J D Finn.

THIRD: $3,265 Big Ten 3-Year-Old Filly Pace:

Watchbellepace (Mike Rogers)                       2:01.3

Trainer: Mike Rogers. Owner: Larry Price.

FOURTH: $3,312 Big Ten 3-Year-Old Colt Pace:

Dune Dude (Dane May)                                 1:59.4

Trainer: Dane May. Owner: Dane May.

FIFTH: $1,020 Filly and Mare Open Pace:

Uneek Shuttle (Dakota Bitch)                                    2:02.1

Trainer: Dakota Birch. Owners: Dakota Birch and Eric Lamay.

SIXTH: $1,000 Filly and Mare Open Pace:

Mach Made Her (Lisa Avenatti)                     2:05.4

Trainer: Lisa Avenatti. Owners: Lisa Avenatti and Earl Avenatti Jr.


    Monday Afternoon: 1 pm

FIRST: $6,200 ECS 2-Year-Old Pace:

Horse (Driver)                                     Time (Track Good)

Uncle Si (Tom T. Tetrick)                               2:03.3

Trainer: Tom D. Tetrick. Owner: Rom T. Tetrick.

SECOND: $5,600 ECS 2-Year-Old Trot:

Frontier Smooth (Ray Gash)                           2:10.2

Trainer: Ray Gash. Owner: Thomas Arthur.

THIRD: $800 Free For All Trot:

Queens Lonely Earl (Tom T. Tetrick) 2:03.4

Trainer: Tom D. Tetrick). Owner: W R L Stables

FOURTH: $8,000 Non-Winners of $3,500 LT Pace:

Little Hank (Tom T. Tetrick)                          2:02

Trainer: Ron Knupp.  Owner: Knupp.

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